A Message to our Members

We keep this message here as a token and remembrance of Peni Berger, z"l

Chaverim - Friends,

Spring is here, The year has flown with so much growth and activity…. pizza and movie nights, game nights, Chanukah and Purim in the Park and all the fabulous programs for the children. Shabbath services are drawing larger attendance as we continue to grow. The success of Abba Hayyim’s lecture on January 26 is a testament to our presence in Mount Dora as well as reaffirming what we ALL know…TCOMD is a vibrant, exciting house of worship that celebrates its membership in a myriad of ways. Our Jewish presence in Lake County is undeniable. Our proximity to several other counties makes us even more valuable to the greater Jewish community of Central Florida. Each member is critical to our growth. You are that important to us.

We are nearing six years old, and have had five years of regular Hebrew School for the children, and advanced classes for adults. Our social events, religious services have increased, and our TCOMD sponsored chaplaincy programs with the hospital, police, and sheriffs, city and county have brought us excellent relations with local government. Our outreach to the general community in the way of educational programming has increased goodwill and positive exposure. Our chevra kaddisha is now the the go-to chevra for Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties. We've had six years of High Holiday services and the full liturgical cycle. No other synagogue in the county offers all the services and programs that we do.

Our Synagogue campus has truly fulfilled its promise. We’ve had three years now of Shul Seders in our Community Building. Our first Yahrzeit Board is up. We have Heichalot (Holy Arks) in both the Sanctuary and Beit Midrash, the latter which now can serve as a small chapel. We have sit-down Kiddush lunches every Shabbath, and Social Nights with movies, pizza and ice cream socials.

We are still in need of a Miqveh; we’ve had roof repairs - but we need a whole new roof; we need a covered walkway between the buildings - and anyone who has helped out in the kitchen knows we need to expand.

This list consists of both necessary and very ambitious projects. Won’t you please consider sending in your Membership and Building Fund early this year, to help us meet our target goals? If you have the ability, would you consider increasing your contribution at this critical time?

With G-d’s help, we now have our proper synagogue. One can hardly go anywhere in Mount Dora but that someone will remark on what a beautiful building we have renovated! How excited we all are to be a part of this unprecedented effort. Imagine, a true synagogue in downtown Mount Dora! And this only happened, and will continue to grow, with your help.


Peni Berger
Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora


“I have been a member of the synagogue for a year and a half now, and I would say that the synagogue and Rabbi Solomon have had a profound influence on my life. It has brought me back to my faith—something I was not aware was lacking. Rabbi Solomon's thoughtful manner brought me back. The Ba'al teshuvah (a turning) is thus like a person on a journey who at some point decides to change direction. The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora and Rabbi Solomon have done this for me. I am a better person for the experience.” - Leslie Herman

The tagline on the TCOMD’s stationery reads: Your home for the authentic Jewish Experience in Lake County. Expounding on that, the Rabbi Solomon has said, “We want to provide a fully developed Jewish community that allows people to express whatever is in their Jewish soul to express. There are no requirements on any level of observance.”

Peni Berger, a member of the TCOMD who moved here from New York City in 2007, commented, “I really enjoy attending the second Friday of the month evening service. It is led by lay members and most of the service is in English, with some Hebrew. We have great discussions as part of the program. There is something for everyone- whether your background is Orthodox or Reformed Judaism.”


The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora
Proud to be Jewish in Lake County
848 N. Donnelly St, Mount Dora, FL, 32757
Phone: (352) 735-4774