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If there is one message you could take from this page, it is this - our mission at TCOMD is to provide opportunities to experience authentic Judaism, even here in Lake County, to whatever extent you want and need. In less than five years we’ve built up weekly minyanim, a school for children, programs for advanced learning for adults, a regular social calendar, chaplaincy programs, a Chevra Qadisha, and outreach to the general community. We have acquired a building in downtown Mount Dora and renovated it for use as a synagogue; we celebrated our first High Holidays there in 2011.

Our members see TCOMD as important because it ensures the continued strength of our area by bringing diversity and vibrancy to the community, providing a place for the sharing of joys and troubles, and fostering our special sense of identity in the larger Jewish family. TCOMD provides a safe-space for Jews of all kinds, from all backgrounds; we are supportive, encouraging, but never judgmental. Lake County may seem like a Wilderness from a Jewish perspective, but once you’ve walked into the tents of your brothers and sisters here in the Tri-Cities, you’ll know that you’ve found in the Traditional Congregation - your Home for Genuine Judaism.

B’rukhim habaim, Welcome all who come!

Abba Hayyim

Rabbi, TCOMD

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The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora
Proud to be Jewish in Lake County
848 N. Donnelly St, Mount Dora, FL, 32757
Phone: (352) 735-4774

There is something new in Lake County!

Jewish people have come together to celebrate and create their own place, their own community in the Tri-City area. What is so important? Why are people so excited? Here is what a few of them have said:

Being able to identify and enjoy the company of those who have the same beliefs, sharing ideas and traditions enriches our lives. Having a Synagogue and a place we can call our own will give all of us a sense of belonging and an identity in the community.
-Gerri Rosenthal

TCOMD to me is a fresh approach to Observant Judaism.
Ken Atterman

The synagogue will be our “house of meeting”- the physical manifestation of our special sense of identity and belonging. It will be the place where together we can most readily connect with our religious and cultural heritage. It will be a haven where we can freely enjoy, without pretense or insecurity, a feeling of camaraderie with our fellow Jews.
Robert and Marcia Milkman

We are doing something really special here in Mount Dora. We are building a Jewish community and in doing so are creating a place where we can be ourselves socially and religiously. Join in our mission to make this vision into reality. We need your help.  Get involved and be a part of something really wonderful, The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora.
Rachel Solomon