Continuing Jewish Education

For Adults
Three classes are in continuous session.
       Beit Midrash - the site of all shiurim                      (classes) for adult congregants.
There are two classes in Biblical Hebrew; one taught at a beginner's ability, and the other at a more advanced stage. The absolute level of each class and each session is set according the students that are present at that time.
These classes currently run on Tuesdays (Advanced) and Thursdays (Beginning)  in the afternoons.
On Sunday mornings, concurrent with the Children's Hebrew School, there is an Advanced Torah Shiur (lesson).  Topics, however, are not limited to Scripture.  Past seasons have seen study in Halakhah (Law), Mahshevah (Philosophy), History, Social Issues or what ever the participants would like to explore.  Congregants often use this time to bring current concerns to the table for discussion and analysis.
Before each of the Haggim (holidays) the customs and laws of that holiday are taught and reviewed, on Shabbath and also in the Advanced Shiur.
TCOMD follows the tradition of all-night study on Shavuoth - with the best coffee in the county!


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