Barukh Dayan haEmeth

This was Flo at the Rabbi's house before the first TCOMD Shabbath Service and Dinner in April of 2008

posted January 2, 2013 by Rabbi Hayyim Solomon
2 January 2014
1 Shvat 5774
It is with utmost grief and sadness that I must inform the TCOMD community of the passing of Florence Warshaw.
Flo leaves behind her daughters Carole Warshaw and Judith White.
Flo also leaves behind a devastated TCOMD family.
Flo was among the founders of TCOMD, a supporter from the very first; and the first to see to the future of the Congregation by assuring we had a building and home.
Flo was there at the first TCOMD Shabbat dinner, now almost six years ago.
Flo's artwork decorates the nursery that she endowed.
Flo's memory will adorn our lives, as long as there should be a TCOMD.
The funeral will be in New Jersey, as soon as weather permits.
HaMaqom Yinahem Otam, b'tokh sha'ar avelei Tsion Virushalayim.
May Carole and her family, and all of us of TCOMD, find comfort amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Zikhronot - Remembrances
Sending out the notice of Flo's death was especially, surprisingly, hard for me.  I have sent out such notices before, of course.  Flo's sudden passing has hit me very hard.  I have been working, surrounded by the work of her hands, her art, since we opened up the shul.  Flo was always happy, always thrilled to be with the community.  Flo was one of a very few in number who came forward at the beginning to provide the major funding for the building.  Flo's neshama left its mark on the synagogue - this will always be her shul, as much as anyone's, to claim.  I will remember her always, and her memory will be for me a blessing.   - Rabbi Solomon

For several months, Dee and I had the opportunity to pick Flo up and take her to the Mount Dora Jazz Orchestra concerts. Gracious and welcoming as Flo was, she would tour us through her home, showing us her artwork. Each time it gave us the opportunity to pick up on something different in her diverse collection of works. At the concerts, Flo and Dee's mother Janet connected with their similar upbeat senses of humor, commonly at my expense! For all of us, she was a joy to spend time with, and she added an element of cameraderie for Janet. As I write that, I think of how difficult it is to care for an elderly parent; it says volumes about Carole that she chose to take care of her mom. - Cliff Shooker and Dee Gretzler

Beautiful photo, beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. It was an honor to be her friend. She will be missed. - Pam Myers

I can only tell (Judith) and Carole how very envious I was of your sweet, sweet relationship with the wonderful woman we all knew as, happy, smart, caring, and most of all, she loved her daughters. You were all lucky to have had each other for as long as you did. My thoughts are with you two now. - Sandy Baldoni

My dear friend so sorry for the loss of an amazing woman - Antoinette Ellis-Babcock

I always loved to go to Aunt Florrie's house. She was always SO much fun. A beautiful spirit. I will miss her. - Janna Kirkland

She was my surrogate mom for a few months when I was born when my mom was not able to care for me. She was a great spirit and my condolences to Judith and Carol and all of our family, she will be missed. - Jay Austin

My memories of Flo are so nice: The ice cream social party she made for me when I moved to California; all the work she did with Mom for her closing out the house and moving to CA; staying with your parents on a visit I made to NY after having moved out here playing 'tourist' with her during that visit and going to places we all knew about but hadn't gone to the paintings, the sculpture, the nutrition discussions (!)-Jan Warshaw

It was so wonderful knowing Flo! She was an extraordinary resident:-) I loved to hear her say "Wow!" and "Now what?!" like only she could. She will be greatly missed by myself and all of Kiva's staff and residents. Take Care. Love always, Felicia T. Davis


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