Hakham Sassoon naming Shmuel Binyamin for Mount Dora's first Brit Milah

Founding of the Synagogue
Five years ago, a newly ordained rabbi and his wife of 10 years decided to open a Traditional synagogue in central Florida, an area with very few Jewish families. Was that because historically, it had been a KKK center in the late 1800‘s? Or just because most Jewish families gravitated toward Miami? Was this plan meshugeneh? Nuts?
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Sanctuary Building from the West

Renovations of the Synagogue Building
The Link Printing and Stationary building has been a fixture in Mount Dora for decades - a history stretching back before World War II.  It had served not only as the facility for a printing company (actually, not just one printing company, but several, at multiple times in different iterations) but as a screenworks company, marketing consultants, retail of various kinds, photography studio, consignment clothing  and office equipment....
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ADL representative Robert Tanen presenting the Award Banner to the City of Mount Dora

A New Traditional Shul is Inaugurated
On Sunday, December 18, 2011, in Mount Dora, Florida, a new traditional synagogue was formally inaugurated.
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The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora
Proud to be Jewish in Lake County
848 N. Donnelly St, Mount Dora, FL, 32757
Phone: (352) 735-4774