Our New Synagogue Building

Sanctuary Building from the West


Sanctuary Facade

We have now entered Phase IV of our Capital Development program.
Current Status: Next Major Project - Miqweh!

The roof of the antique part of the Sanctuary Building (north side over the offices) renovation has been completed.  As of now, all roofing for the Synagogue Campus, both buildings, are at least no older than 8 years.  Though the north side of the building retains its original substructure, all the sheeting and tiles, and much of the timber, are new. G-d willing, we should not need any more roof work for at least 10 years.
Otherwise, we have been successful in filling many of our other physical plant and furnishings needs. Some needs remain outstanding.
We are still in need of flooring for the Social Hall and the Kitchen.
There are places set aside for the two exterior announcement boards are still unfilled.
The idea for landscaping in the small patch of ground on the north side of the Social Hall has become plans to make an enclosed play area for children.

We still are looking forward to being able to build the permanent Heikhal (Aron Kodesh).

The next major project is the Miqweh.  The space for the Miqweh remains reserved, and most of the funds have been raised. Building a Miqweh is a necessary step to bring forth an enduring community.  We look forward to completing fundraising and finding the right GC for the project.
All these projects provide opportunities for baalei tsedaqah, with dedicatory rights associated.

We are running a Capital Campaign for the Synagogue building. The funds needed to reach the minimal goals for renovations and additions is $1,075,000.00.

We have so far raised $850,000.00.

Those who wish to contribute to the campaign are encouraged to call the Synagogue, the Parnas, Larry Mills or the Rabbi directly.

Floor plan both buildings                   South and West elevation

Original plans for the synagogue building and social hall 

TCOMD Capital Campaign Donor Levels and Perquisites

Donation Level Title Dedication Right Membership Duration
$250,000+ Nasi Beith Kinesseth Hebrew Name of Synagogue Family Perpetuity
$200,000+ Av Beith Kinesseth Synagogue Building Family Perpetuity
$175,000+ Rosh Beith Kinesseth Sanctuary Family Perpetuity
$100,000+ Sar Beith Kinesseth Social Hall Family Perpetuity
$75,000+ Chaver Chakhamim Rabbi’s Study or Beith Midrash Family Lifetime
$50,000+ Nadvan heChashuv Classroom (3) or Office Family Lifetime
$25,000+ Toramim Ark, Bima, Main Entry/Gift Shop Single Lifetime
Foundation Stone Single 10 Years
Foundation Stone Family 5 Years
Premier Stone

Major Stone


Memorial Stone

up to $1,000
Certificate of Appreciation

Foundation, Premier, Major and Memorial Stones refer to a planned Memorial Wall in the likeness of the Kotel - each stone can be individually engraved with a choice of dedication.

All Lifetime and in-perpetuity memberships carry no-fee High Holiday tickets and (a) dedicated chair(s) in the Sanctuary.

All dedications of buildings, rooms, etc will have personal plaque above the entryway to the room (if applicable) or elsewhere.

Donations at the $10,000 and above count as fulfillment of the standard building fund assessment.

Donation levels at $25,000 and above carry a lifetime honorary title. A plaque will be installed in the foyer of the Synagogue listing the donors and honorary titles.

Membership awards may be redeemed and converted into any two membership awards at a lower level. Example: A single person donating at the $50,000 level may claim a Lifetime single membership and a family 5 year membership, transferable at the time of award only. The transfer may be to the Good and Welfare committee.

Should Dedications Rights at a particular level be no longer available, it may be redeemed for any available Dedication Right of lesser value.  Darkened selections are no longer available.


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