Religious Law and Community Standards


There are 613 Mitzvoth (Commandments) according to traditional reckoning. Quite a number! Given that this is a Traditional Synagogue and fully observant, is it expected that each member or guest of the synagogue also be fully observant?

No, not at all. Hopefully, someday, yes – but Halakhah – generally translated as ‘Jewish Religious Law’ actually means something more akin to ‘The Path’. 

We are all walking the Path. Each in our own place.

There is one absolute Law that everyone in the Synagogue must follow.

V’ahavtah l’Reyihah keMokhah – Love your neighbor as yourself

How does this get fulfilled and expressed? K’vod, respect!

With respect to Jewish Religious Law, what one does outside the Synagogue is between that person and G-d. Respect for the community means that inside the Synagogue everyone is Shomer Shabbath and Shomer Kashruth – fully observant of the laws of Shabbath and the dietary laws. Everyone observes the laws of tsniut – modesty.

We are respectful of each other as individuals and as a Community.

There are families who are Shomer Mitsvoth – Observant of the Commandments.

There are individuals who are not yet so.

Those who are more observant are not to criticize those who are not yet so observant, conversely, they are not to ridicule those who follow a stricter path.

This is not a synagogue where someone who can only pray or congregate with those who think exactly like they do will be comfortable.  The TCOMD philosophy is to congregate, celebrate, pray and study with any Jew, without regard to their personal level of observance or religious philosophy.  Hassids are welcome.  Reform Jews are welcome.  Even Reform Hassids!

TCOMD is a keruv synagogue – dedicated to outreach and to providing a home of Jews from each and every walk of life. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Zeoh – That’s all there is to say.

So, for the Community of TCOMD, we all pledge to be completely observant of at least one commandment,

“Love your neighbor as yourself”




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