Renovations of the Synagogue Building

Old Link Stationary Building

Sanctuary Building from the West during renovation

The Link Printing and Stationary building has been a fixture in Mount Dora for decades - a history stretching back before World War II.  It had served not only as the facility for a printing company (actually, not just one printing company, but several, at multiple times in different iterations) but as a screenworks company, marketing consultants, retail of various kinds, photography studio, consignment clothing  and office equipment.... This probably isn't even a complete list. The picture (left/top) of the front building, probably from at least 25 years ago, didn't begin to give a hint of its future role as a Jewish house of worship. 

TCOMD would be adding a new chapter to the Link building's history.

Sanctuary Building West View - Completed!

The front building had been added to on at least three occasions; the back building was relatively new.  All parts had been re-purposed, redesigned, rebuilt, rejected for use, boarded up, neglected and then finally forgotten about.  The condition of some of the exterior walls was so bad that they had to be completely replaced.  Interior flooring was a near complete loss.  As was the roof.

It was like rebuilding the Beit haMiqdash after the Babylonians had gone through!
The Board of Directors tasked Elisa Kvares with overseeing the renovation.  Elisa selected Eline Ransom as the architect, and Mike Kilfoyle as the General Contractor.  The team rolled up their sleeves, made the difficult choices of priorities of renovation, and like modern day returnees from Exile, began the task of rebuilding.
Starting July of 2010 , plans were drawn and modified, submitted to the City, reviewed, inspected, voted on, passed back and forth; work began, hit hitches, jumped ditches (and dug a few new ones) - when finally, in July of 2011, we were ready for our Certificate of Occupancy.
But were would we sit? If you come to the synagogue you will find that TCOMD was required to expend funds for very few items of furniture. The Attermann family donated the Bimah and Tebah - the kitchen equipment, office and sanctuary furniture came from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy;  the beautiful antique Ner Tamid was given by Stuart Sonne z"l, the sanctuary lighting by Marcia Milkman z"l and her husband Robert; the security system was donated by World Class Installations, and many people provided bookcases, chairs, couches, AV equipment, desks and the like.
TCOMD had a home -thanks to the work of Elisa, Eline and Mike - with critical assistance from Tiffany Kapner, Buz Owen, Le Cordon Bleu, Jim Croson, any many many others.


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