Parnas: Larry Mills
Secretary: Rachel Solomon


Rabbi: Hayyim G.Z. Solomon, Ph.D.
Rabbi Solomon (Abba Hayyim) is the founding Rabbi of the Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora.
Abba Hayyim has served as the pulpit rabbi (Congregation Shaarei Tefillah )and youth services director (Congregation Shomrei Torah ) for synagogues in Florida and British Columbia. Abba Hayyim is a musmach of HaRav HaGaon David Weiss Halivni, of Dayan Alan Yuter, and of Rabbi Richard Wolpoe, Yore Yore; also Rav uManhig authorization from Hakham Issac S.D. Sassoon. Prior to the rabbinate, Abba Hayyim (as Dr. Solomon) worked in Defense, primarily in Land Mine Detection. Dr. Solomon, who for 15 years worked in research and development, and 25 years in software engineering, including system modeling, data analysis and signal processing for sensor and detector systems in nuclear particle and radar physics, holds a Ph.D. in Physics, dissertation work in mass-80 experimental nuclear spectroscopy. 


The Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora
Proud to be Jewish in Lake County
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